Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving guys !!

Hello my friends. For few months I have been really busy with my studies that I could not manage my blogging. However I always remember all of you guys and I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Drug store haul and mini review - Part 1

Hi there beauties :) I bought few stuff from Target the other day . They are mostly my routine use stuff but I did bought some new stuff as well to try it out . I needed a new sunblock because mine is from last year ... so I needed to replace my old  tube . I love this sunblock by Neutrogena its called Clear face Break out free. I love the way it makes my skin matte. Because mostly with sunblocks they make your face greasy, but this one does not . And I got the one with the higher SPF.

Clearasil Ultra rapid action daily face wash I use it in the shower. And its a very nice face wash for oily to acne prone skin. I don't deal with acne anymore but I just use it to prevent it .

These two Rimmel products are totally new for me. I bought this Lash Accelerator endless mascara which I love it so much . Its gives nice length and volume and no clumps :) The other product that I wanted to try for a long time but I never did was Lash Accelerator serum by Rimmel. I  started to use that last week before bed and it made my lashes a little long and I do see few more growing , which I love :) BUT the only problem I have noticed is  that my eyelids were getting itchy. So I stopped using this and every thing went back to normal. I am still not sure if its because of this product or its just a seasonal itchiness . I will let you guys know once I find out :)

I bought this Crest 3D white polishing  treatment its called Brilliance boost . They way you are suppose to use it is after you brush your teeth with regular toothpaste,  then you just brush your teeth with this and it gives you brilliant white smile . I love all the crest 3D white products and this one is just another awesome product.

So beauties I have few more stuff in my haul , that I will post in another post :) And I will see you beauties next time :)

With love ! 

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Organizing ideas

Good Morning Friends ! 

For the past few months I have done a a lot of organizing in my house . That involves like everything in the house :) But my favorite items to organize is my stuff .... you know that girly stuff thats in my room or in my closet. I also don't like to spend money when I want to organize . I love The container store but I don't like theres price :) I am just being really honest with you guys . 

I always save small boxes  that comes with anything I buy. For example .. At the above picture I am using the lid of the Micheal Kors watch box. And the good thing about this is ... that its kinda  small so it can  fit  in any tiny draws . I didn't wanted to buy the storage box , just especially for my stud earrings so I used that watch box lid and so far its looking cool :) 

But however I did buy this file holder to keep most of my magazines in . The magazine holder that I really liked were about $50 or something but I wanted to find something cheap :) so I bought this instead for $10 . I keep this near my bed in case I am in a  mood of reading something . I hope you guys liked my organizing ideas .... I would love to know more organizing secrets from you guys :) 

With Love ! 

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Friday, July 11, 2014

I am back my lovelies !

Hi there my lovelies :) Sorry for getting lost without giving you guys any notice . I have been so busy with my studies lately after my finals I took some Summer classes . I didn't go anywhere in the Summer on vacations because I wanted to finish few courses . Now I am done with that and just need to enroll for my Fall semester. Hopefully I will finish my undergrads degree soon :)

I did nothing this Summer except for shopping and studies  :) I made a good routine for myself for working out and hopefully I will be keeping this all year long . I bought a nice Elliptical for my cardio workout and subscribed myself to 18 magazines ...LOL... about beauty , health and fashion. The workout page that comes in every magazine I takes it out and put it on my workout folder. Trying to reach my goal 34 - 24 -34 :)  And hopefully I will get there . Mostly I need to work on my waist ... the other two parts are 34 LOL ...  I am doing really good on keeping myself hydrated this Summer ... actually this year . So thats the little update about my health and fitness . Beside that Victoria Secret has been my favorite store for the past two month ...especially theres Pink store.

So anyways my dolls ... I am back with more ideas and full of energy :) If you guys like me to do any specific post or any review please let me know by comment . I have missed you guys so much for the past  couple of months and now can't wait to peak at your blog :)

  Have a nice weekend and I will see you guys soon :) 

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Monthly favorites - May

Good Morning beauties !!!

Today I want to share with you guys this month favorites. Since I am studying for my finals I am only going to be posting once or twice a week. This month I have been really loving my Chanel double perfection compact . Its powder and foundation with a matte finish. I have used this a lot this month. It saves me so much time when I am getting ready in the morning. MAC 187 and Real techniques stippling brush has been my go to brushes . Loving the way it blends my foundation and powder. 


Urban decay Deluxe shadow box has been my favorite this month . Actually the color SHAG has been my go to color. In the morning I just apply this color all over my eye lid and I am good to go. Its a very pigmented metallic copper color ....looks so pretty when you put it on. 

Maybelline Pumped up Colossal mascara is great. It gives my lashes  awesome volume without any clumping . Another favorite product is  Loccitane hand cream because it moisturize without making my hands feels greasy. 

YSL  Rouge Volupte shine lipstick in No.12 is a very pretty coral color. I think I wore this lipstick a lot this month . Love the color and shine it has plus its extremely moisturizing :) 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post . Let me know if you have tried any of the stuff I have mentioned above .  And I will see you beauties later :) 

Have a wonderful weekend beauties ... With love ! 

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